Welcome to Joshua’s Crystal Shop

Welcome to Joshua's Crystal Shop

I am excited to launch my new website at JoshuasCrystalShop.com thanks to WooCommerce which opens with many wonderful and unique handmade creations. It is based in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia and is the home-grown creation of myself, Rev. Joshua Sidgwick.

My range of unique handmade creations are intended to inspire and bring joy to all who invite these gorgeous pieces into their lives. Naturally, every piece is unique as each individual piece has its own shades, colours, shape and, funnily enough, personality.

My handmade creations, such as Bracelets and Phone Charms, are all unique and lovingly crafted so that they bring joy to the receiver. The Light Catchers are also a part of my handmade creations and are made with the intention of inspiring those who gaze upon them.

While there are currently many other handmade creations for you to discover, I am planning to add more of these in the coming months – so it is best to keep an eye on Facebook for the latest updates. Shipping for any of my unique handmade creations is available to Australia, the USA, the UK and Canada.

With my new website I have also started the Blog with this being my first post. I hope you enjoy this website and if I can help in any way or if you feel drawn to say hi you can reach me here and through my Facebook Page.

Thank you for choosing to support my small business.