Beaded Jewellery & Handmade Creations ⋆ Joshua's Crystal Shop Owner

Greetings and welcome to my crystal shop.

I am the Reverend Joshua Sidgwick and I hope to help you on your journey as you discover the many wonderful healing and manifestation benefits of the crystal kingdom. Based in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, this is a Crystal Shop that is filled with beaded jewellery and handmade creations that are offered to provide some assistance your healing and manifestation journey. As a crystal healer by trade, I have had many wonderful experiences with the crystals and the crystal devas – both personally and professionally – as I have worked with many clients over the years.

It is my hope and aim to provide you with a wonderful experience within this website so that you can find the crystals that you seek to help you on this journey. I also wish to provide you wish some wonderful information, both researched and intuitively received over time, through my Crystal Blog of which I write about my experiences as well as lots of insight into how various crystals can help you throughout life.

If at any time you wish to reach out and chat or gain some more insight into the crystalline world, feel free to contact me here.

May the crystals you choose bless your world in ways both known and unknown,

Rev. Joshua Sidgwick